The Garment District – Cambridge

If you’re looking for secondhand and vintage clothing, costume rentals or clothing by the pound, then The Garment District in Cambridge is the perfect place to shop.


“The Garment District prides itself on having been a “green” business since Day 1. Although only approximately one piece in twenty is selected, steamed, and tagged for sale in the store, other items are sold through By The Pound, and items we cannot sell are sent to a “shoddy mill” and are ground up for other uses.

Every year, Americans throw away millions of pounds of perfectly usable clothing every year. And with constant trend turn-overs and “fast fashion” production, it can be easy to see out-of-style clothing as disposable. However, by “recycling” unwanted clothing by buying and selling secondhand, we can keep these clothes from clogging up landfills, and cut down on the high carbon and pollutant footprint it often requires to manufacture new clothing.”

  • -The Garment District

The first floor is dedicated to clothing sold by the pound and Boston Costume. If you’ve got some time on your hands you can sift through the pile of clothing and score some great deals by paying $2/lb. Fridays are even better at $1/lb! This area includes men, women and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

The second floor has nicely organized sections of secondhand and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories.  There are windbreakers and denim jackets from the 80s and 90s.

They have a section of purses and bags near the women’s tops and sweaters.

There are lots of pants, overalls and “shorteralls” to choose from for men, women and children.

Their shoe section has lots of great footwear to choose from, including leather boots, Converse, heels, flats, sandals and much more.

The children’s section is small but looks like it has some quality items in it.

In addition to the new and rental costumes on the first floor with Boston Costume, there are lots of great costumes on the second floor for all ages and sizes.

They even have a whole rack dedicated to wedding dresses!

Overall this is a fun place to shop whether you want to browse through clothing racks or spend some time in a pile of clothing and pay by the pound. The prices are reasonable and the clothing is in good condition.


  • Bags/Purses
  • Books
  • Secondhand clothing (women, men, children)
  • Shoes

This location was updated on 8/1/18.