TAGS Hardware – Cambridge

If you’re looking for some kitchen gear, coffee brewing supplies or canning jars, then TAGS Hardware in Porter Square is the place for you!

They sell a few different brands of travel mugs and drink containers.

They’ve got pressure cookers for cooking your dried bulk beans. This eliminates the need to pre-soak beans the night before cooking!

There’s a small section with basic sewing supplies for mending clothing or bags or working on DIY projects.

TAGS sells nice wooden clothing racks for hang drying your laundry.

They have bamboo drawer organizers for desks or kitchen utensil drawers.

If you’re looking for food storage jars, canning jar or special jar lids/attachments, then this is the store for you! They also sell Foley Food Mills that are good for making smooth sauces (like applesauce or tomato sauce). No need to peel or core before cooking!

They have larger glass jars that would be nice for storing bulk foods or other small items.

If you’re into canning or food preservation, they sell several sizes of canning jars and all the tools you’d need to can food at home.

They also sell smaller spice jars and bottles for oils and vinegars.

They sell cleaning tools for kitchens and bathrooms. A lot of them look like they still have plastic parts, but some are made entirely of metal, wood or some other biodegradable material.

I found some bamboo and wooden utensils and some reusable kitchen towel wipes/sponges.

TAGS has all different sizes of cutting boards made from bamboo and wood.

There are some nice metal measuring cup sets and metal cooking and serving utensils.

There are some metal strainers with wood handles and metal splatter screens.

They sell some natural cheesecloth, soup and spice bags and cooking twine.If you want to try making your own yogurt at home, they have probiotic starter packets.

The coffee and tea brewing section in this store is fantastic! They sell French presses, Chemex, coffee filters and several types of tea pots.

The lower level of the store has gardening supplies, bird seed and feeders,  green cleaning products, light bulbs, paint and tools. They offer window and screen repairs and blade sharpening of knives, scissors, tools, lawnmowers, etc.

TAGS Hardware is where you can recycle dead CFL lightbulbs, used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones.

products available at tags:
  • Coffee/Tea Accessories
  • Items made from renewable material
  • Recycling
  • Repairs
  • Zero waste gear


This location was updated on 3/27/18.