Kitchenwitch – Jamaica Plain

Kitchenwitch in Jamaica Plain is the place to shop if you’re looking for cooking tools, gifts for friends and family or zero waste food gear.

They have metal and wood measuring cups and spoons. Metal is a good option because it’s sturdy and can be recycled if it breaks.

They carry a nice selection of wooden spoons and spatulas. Wood and bamboo are renewable resources and look beautiful in a kitchen.

They have lots of wooden cutting boards to choose from.

There is a section that has a few different metal tea baskets and infusers to use in tea cups or insulated travel mugs.

There are lots of options to choose from if you’re looking for a zero waste way to brew coffee or tea, including little tea pots, individual mugs with tea baskets and french presses.

They carry bees wax wrap which is a reusable alternative to plastic cling wrap. They have a few samples hanging nearby for testing.

They also carry silicone bowl lids, which are another plastic wrap alternative. The flower-shaped lid forms an airtight seal on whatever bowl you put it on to keep your food nice and fresh.

There are glass and metal oil and vinegar containers that could be used for bulk oils or homemade salad dressings.

They have a few different types and sizes of stainless steel food containers. Some have metal lids and others have plastic lids.

There are also glass and silicone food containers.

There are a few different reusable bottles to choose from including insulated/non-insulated, glass/silicone and stainless steel in various sizes and shapes.

Overall, Kitchenwitch is a fun place to poke around in and buy zero waste food gear.

  • Coffee/Tea Accessories
  • Items made from renewable material
  • Zero waste gear

This page was updated on 9/13/17.