Cambridge Naturals – Cambridge

Cambridge Naturals is my favorite store to wander around and window shop in. It’s located in the Porter Square shopping area so it’s easily accessible by the Red Line T. It’s the best place to go if you need zero waste gear, vitamins, personal hygiene items or thoughtful gifts for environmentally conscious friends.

The best part of Cambridge Naturals is their huge bulk herb and tea selection. I am so excited because they now allow you to bring in your own container to fill!! All you have to do is bring in a clean container, have them weigh it at the register and then fill it with whatever you want! Take a look at all of the great herbs and teas they have to choose from.

There’s a nice book and resource section. These are more books dispersed around the store. There are also kefir kits and counter top compost buckets.

There are so many products and containers in Cambridge Naturals that will help you go Zero Waste. There’s a little section with different glass bottles and jars, metal tins and spray bottles for making and storing your own lotions or body spray. Nearby is a display with metal funnels, measuring spoons and cups, tea balls and strainers. There’s a shelf with various tea and coffee brewing tools and some beautiful mortars and pestles. Throughout the store you’ll find lots of different types and sizes of both insulated and non-insulated food containers. Some are all metal and some are metal with plastic lids.

There are both drawstring and Velcro cloth produce bags. They also have some produce bags that make your veggies last longer in the fridge. They sell several different sizes and combo packs of beeswax cloth which can be used instead of plastic cling wrap. They have metal straws that come with little cleaning brushes, lids that go on canning jars for pouring oil or salad dressing and some snack sized all metal food storage containers.

They have lots of attachments and accessories for turning canning jars into drinking cups for hot or cold beverages. There are cutlery kits and metal straws that could be carried in your purse or bag to help you cut down on plastic utensils and straws when you’re out and about. They have beautiful and soft cloth napkins and handkerchiefs in lots of fun colors. If you have babies or kids, this is a great store to get glass baby bottles, food containers, soft washcloths, some clothing and safe and sustainable toys.

There are SO MANY water bottles and tumblers to choose from. They sell glass and stainless steel bottles in a wide range of sizes. They also carry individual lids and accessories which is great if your bottle lid breaks and you just want to replace that one piece instead of buying a whole new bottle.

There’s a whole section of package free soap! There are so many scents to choose from and they all smell amazing. Some are even made locally.

They have shampoo bars, shaving soap and safety razors. There is a small clothing section in the back of the store that has organic underwear, socks and some baby clothes. They also have nice wooden and bamboo bathroom stools.

Cambridge Naturals has the largest selection of reusable menstrual products that I’ve found in the area. They carry menstrual cups and cup cleaner, cloth pads and sea sponges. The only thing I haven’t found here is period underwear. If you’re not into reusables, then they also carry organic cotton pads and tampons. There are stacks of soft washcloths and some scrubbers and loofas for dry brushing and showering.

There’s a kombucha tap near the checkout counter with a few different flavors available.

They have beautiful and creative greeting cards made on recycled paper.

There’s also some package-free beeswax!

Cambridge Naturals also carries high quality vitamins, herbs, essential oils, makeup and salves/lotions, many of which are packaged in recyclable packaging. There’s a cooler in the back of the store that has some local food and healthy drinks.

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT cambridge naturals:
  • Cleaning Products
  • Hygiene
  • Items made from recyclable material
  • Kombucha
  • Zero waste gear

This page was updated on 2/14/19.