bfresh – Allston

bfresh, whose parent company is Stop & Shop, is a great little chain that started a few years ago in the Allston/Brighton area. The Allston location has a great selection of bulk staples, fresh breads, olives and package-free produce.

The bakery section is just inside the entrance. This location carries breads from a few different local companies. Most of the bread is already packaged in plastic bags, but a few rolls and loaves are available package-free.

There’s a pastry, cookie and bagel section nearby. The cookies look delicious!

The produce section is beautiful and fresh looking. They have carrots, cauliflower, beets, and a variety of herbs package-free. There are more loose fruits and veggies in the center of the produce section. They do not have package-free celery or mushrooms.

There are onions, potatoes, garlic and a few different types of squash near the back of the produce section.

There are olives, hot food and a salad bar near the prepared food section.

There are three nut butter grinders: honey roasted peanut butter, almond butter and natural peanut butter.

The digital scale and barcode sticker printer is located in the bulk section. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to subtract the weight of your own container before the sticker prints. I get around this by using my own cloth bags because they weigh the same as the plastic bulk bags anyway, or I bring in my own pre-weighed container and go through the cashier checkout where they can subtract the tare from my purchase. I’ve emailed bfresh about this scale/tare issue and they said they’re looking into it! Hopefully they update their scale system because then customers could check out with their bulk purchases independently.

All of their bulk items are arranged in one long aisle with the scale station near the end.

There is a kombucha tap closer to the bulk section which has a few different flavors to choose from and glass bottles in case you forget your own! There are a few green cleaning products (including castile bar soap) and recycled paper goods (toilet paper/paper towels) in their cleaning section.

This bfresh location doesn’t carry bulk coffee beans! This is odd because they have four grinders set up in their coffee section and the Somerville bfresh has coffee beans. If you live in the Allston area and want bulk coffee at your bfresh, be sure to email them or tag them on Facebook/Instagram to let them know!

  • Bakery
  • Baking
  • Beans
  • Candy
  • Cleaning Products
  • Coffee/tea accessories
  • Dried Fruit
  • Grains/Rice
  • Granola
  • Hot food bar
  • Kombucha
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Olive Bar
  • Nut butter machines
  • Produce
  • Salad Bar
  • Spices (in glass containers)

This page was updated on 8/9/17.